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The Word 2 Go WOTS

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The Word on the Street Bible for your iPhone

The Word to Go is literally The Word to go: the Bible on your iPhone. Wherever you take your iPhone, Gods Word is at your fingertips.

The Word 2 Go has all of the text stored on your handset, so you can not only read through, skip chapters, bookmark, etc, you can also search for keywords: no need for a concordance. And its the only Bible you can read in the dark.

Why carry a separate Bible or handheld device when you can simply take The Word to Go?

Previously known as the Street Bible, Rob Lacey, the author, described his "Word on the Street" translation as: "This is a trailer for, an intro to, an overview of The Bible (capital "B"). For those whove never read it, and those whove read it so much its gone stale on them."

This version is licensed from Zondervan, Copyright © 2003, 2004 by Rob Lacey.